Did you know you can display upto 9 RSS feeds from your blogs sidebar?
Go to Presentattion -> Sidebar Widgets and select the number of RSS Feed Widgets. Then drag each of them to the appropriate sidebars. For each of them click configure to specify the RSS feed to display. Check the left sidebar of this blog to see listings from Simple Thoughts.

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  1. 1 BDunn

    I found that using Anaconda Theme was not the issue or problem in getting my different RSS feeds to display and work … it was go back to the basics and review RSS feeds and getting them working. Wow and did it eat up a lot of time. I created a free report at https://www.findallabout/rss. there was a very large list of title and i chose the exact ones i wanted …. It help in answering my problem.

  2. 2 chatca

    i use annaconda for any blog, and it’s very powerfull

  3. 3 chatca

    this is very usefull to increase my blog with annaconda

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