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We are planning for the next version of Anaconda Theme. Let us know in comments and in the forum, features that you would like to see.

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  1. 1 Scoop

    Let me say that I just switched one blog, my \”youngest\” of all — from Blogger and other blogging tools — to WordPress for a variety of reasons. Chief among them is I am merging about 14 sites into three domain packages, so finding a blogging tool to allow me to control a lot of stuff in one package was critical.

    We are also looking at working with a non-profit\’s site to launch its blogs for about 10 people, so we needed functionality, admin tools, and durability. It seemed WordPress delivered what we were looking for, which is why I am playing with it on my site — to try to break it, to find the good and the bad, and to see what I need to do to harden it for security reasons, but also what I need to do to teach others how to use it quickly and easily.

    I have your Anaconda package installed on my blog, and let me say it\’s a nice package. I haven\’t yet figured out the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin, which is sad, because I want something that will plug in Technorati tags quickly and easily, as an all-in-one solution. Maybe if I have time, I will sit back and mess with it. I like tools that are intuitive. In over 20 years of using computers, going back to the days of TRS-80s, I haven\’t really read a manual. I looked at pictures a few times to understand what I needed to do, but I\’ve never had to read to get the basic things in programs moving. It seems like Ultimate Tag Warrior may just be the end of that streak, and that\’s sad.

    What would I like to see? Here\’s my list:
    * Technorati tags built into the theme by default

    * Database re-build (completely — even Ajax) — so that anything screwed up will be fixed. For example, I imported my Blogger site into WordPress. Nope, didn\’t work because I had a privately-hosted file, not a Blogger-site hosted or BlogSpot-hosted site. There were challenged with BlogSpot that even WordPress folks scratched their heads about. I imported the RSS file directly into WordPress, but several of the files are screwed up bad and I am going to have to manually re-code them in WordPress. Now, I do like your theme because it did take a lot of the screwed up stuff and fix it, so that is a MAJOR plus for Anaconda — especially not even a v.1 release!

    * Built-in tagcloud tool to drag and drop — widget? Plug-in?

    * Built-in contact form, such as the one at (Secure and Accessible PHP form) — hell, for the credit tag, he may let you embed it into the next version. It\’s a nice form, but frankly, it needs more (better) intelligence challenge questions. He\’s got a great idea, a nice form, and hell, it popped right into Anaconda in about three seconds.

    * For widgets, make them so the do not indent so far. For an example, see my site\’s right column. They seem to be \”indented\” about one or two \”entries\” in, but there\’s nothing that should be causing them to be sitting further to the right, but the seem to have about 1/4 inch too much space from the left border of the right column to the point where they begin for my eye and taste. That\’s the one thing I do not like about the theme.

    * Any way to put the great background from the \”Archives,\” \”Now Reading,\” and other boxes to be a default background for the widgets? That way there\’s a default \”look and feel\” on the left and right borders. The left side seems a little design-heavy because that\’s where all the \”pretty\” boxes are with the logo inside.

    * Make it a little easier to figure out which forms you modify for specific things. I am still trying to figure out which form to modify to add content from Feedburner, so it appears at the bottom of each individual post. I\’ve messed with Page Template, theloop, Main Index Template, and others, and still haven\’t figured out \”where\” the \”bottom\” of each post is at.

    * Put a note in the CSS files to indicate how to use them to their maximum. For example, you have ELA.css and PRINT.css in Anaconda now. How do I make PRINT.css work? I am guessing that is the \”PRINT PAGE\” feature, but I don\’t see any way to \”enable\” the feature, nor do I see a way to embed coding to make it have the \”print page format\” in Anaconda.

    * Have a description of the best way to use all the files in the THEME EDITOR window, as well as more info in each file about what each one does. I\’d be willing to help out with that, as I\’ve been involved in hardcore beta testing for MS, Dell, Iomega, Intuit, and about seven other major corporations, and a lot of smaller ones, beta testing for more than 15 years, as well as helping tweak and add content to help users better use the programs.

    * Add more templates (and explanations) about how to better use the PAGE MANAGEMENT section, as well as related tools.

    * Build into the next version something like \”Jerome\’s Query Diagnostics\” — and allow it to be enabled by default, and folks can turn it off it they choose. Or vise-versa. But that\’s a cool, neat little tool.

    * Build in a \”noteworthy\” tool, such as the one by Jamie Saunders.

    * Add in a plug-in for translation, by default, so it is in the package. Blogs are on the Internet, and since it\’s international, heck, make it functional as a real international tool. I tried two translation plug-ins so far, and one seemed to work fine, but when you left the HOME page of the blog, all the flags disappeared because the blog is not in the root directory. The plugins author told me that. The location of WordPress\’ installation shouldn\’t matter, as the plugin resides within the plugin directory, so it should be smart enough to know where it lives.

    * A feature I saw in one plugin I tried, but that caused major errors (it was tested for WordPress 2.x, but they had it listed as \”available\” for WordPress 2.x). After you were done creating an entry, you clicked a button on the WRITE POST page, which was added after installing the plugin, that said, \”Find Keywords,\” and it looked at Yahoo for keywords to add (you could add to them) based on the content of your posting to be published. Now that seemed to be handy, but, as I said, I couldn\’t use it because it caused MAJOR errors.

    * One big thing I would like to see, and only because of the intention we have of helping a non-profit launch a series of blogs did it come to mind. I would like to use Anaconda for that site, but one theme which is identical across-the-board would not work, and I\’ve been told that already by the organization. What I\’d like to see is the ability to change the colors of the theme. Something like you create the styles you like, maybe three or four variations of the Anaconda theme (I\’m colorblind, so don\’t ask me colors!), colors that work well together, and have radio buttons to allow folks to click the radio button and apply the theme that easily. Everything changes at once, making it an all-or-nothing deal unless them mess around with the CSS sheets. I think the gray or brown — the color at the top of the theme would work with almost any color combination (but again, I am colorblind, so I really don\’t know). Leave all text black or 90% or 80% black.

    * Font stylesheet selection, giving option of fonts selections (Times/Georgia/etc.) with 100% width, 95%, 90% and 85% width for headlines with the option of using bold or normal for H1. FOR BODY CONTENT, give a stylesheet selection with Verdana, Arial, Geneva, Helvetica, Univers at 100% and 95% for distinctive looks on sites. Allow this to be selected in the ANACONDA OPTIONS panel.

    * Create an overlay that adds to the WordPress WRITE POST (and maybe even WRITE PAGE) toolbar that allows people to use WordPress as a WYSIWYG editor, not having to go into the HTML. Give a toolbar where they can select font size, HTML coding, such as HEADLINE (h1), SubHed (h2 and h3), etc. That is one thing I was asked about by three people I was showing WordPress to — their first reaction was: \”Where\’s the toolbar to change font sizes for the headline?\” The old adage, KISS still applies, and while WordPress is, for the most part, intuitive for me to use and figure out, including the HTML coding, others are challenged by it. That\’s why Blogger has such a draw, because of the added features, such as the WYSIWYG editor, etc.

    Okay, I could probably come up with several other ideas, but in fear of ticking you off, I think it best to end now. If you have questions or anything, drop me an email.

    Dave J. (Scoop0901)

    Note: Edited to remove author\’s url as per his explicit instruction.

  2. 2 Scoop

    Ack! Please delete my URL from that message before you post it.


  3. 3 angsuman

    Thanks for your incisive comments and suggestions. Please keep them coming.

    Take care,

  4. 4 Donghyup

    I recently switched to your theme. I really like this. One thing I want to change is the color of blog title. It seems to me it is too dark gray. If you develop next time, could you give the user the option to change the color? Thanks. I appreciate your help.

  5. 5 terry

    1. On the theme search engine could you please at a highlight so when we look up a word it will in yellow highlight. That would help out a lot.

    2. Also, it would be nice to have widget section add on that would allow one to automatically
    add pictures when we add photos to certain post. I f one puts photo in an essay and then turn on the widget automatically shopw posted photos the photos will automatically show up. If one wants to urn it of then they can go to widgets and turn the photo widget off. Also, one should be allowed to choose how many photos
    are to be shown like 5, 6, 10, may be make the maximum 30. This auto matic photo wiget would be nice.

    3. Recent post, currently the recent post name on the widgets section can not be changed it says recent post. Make it where it can be changed like recent essays, Latest post.

    I will come back with more later! Good theme one of the best if not the best on wordpress.

  6. 6 terry

    Also, I just noticed that when you post a comment it shows up right away, and you don’t have to scroll you to the bottom of the page to see your comment. You have that plugin installed on this anaconda theme.
    it would be nice to see that same plugin automatically installed, so when one writes a comment
    it appears right before their eyes. And they don’t have to scroll down to the bottom again to see their comment.

  7. 7 terry

    Sorry I noticed that you already had ajax commenting avaliable my fault.
    You can delete the comment about asking for ajax commenting because you already have it in this anaconda them.

    1. Could you please add a reply to this comment — So the blog owner can reply directly to a commenters comment.

    Reply to this comment will help out a lot.

  8. 8 lafrance

    Hello !

    Great theme I bough it not sure yet if I use it as I really do not like all the link showing after News and articles on Anaconda WordPress theme
    You show 5 I show 7 :( No idea how to reduce that part?

    Also choice of color would be great as mention above.

  9. 9 lafrance

    Hello !

    Great theme I bough it not sure yet if I use it as I really do not like all the link showing after News and articles on Anaconda WordPress theme

    Also choice of color would be great as mention above.

  10. 10 Estradino

    1) More customization options like the Semiologic theme, which has alot of easy customization features…just not that kind of price…ok?

    2) Wider abit, cos a few plugins have boxes in the sidebar jutting out (no its not one of your plugins), but I am not a fan of unsightly blogs..:) Maybe the max width needs to be increased…the header and footer width….

    3) How about more Adsense friendly theme? Easy placement of adsense and other banners right from within the admin panel of Wordpress

  11. 11 你好,上帝


  12. 12 saylows

    I just curious if the lattest anaconda template work in wordpress 2.1? I have plan to update my wordpress version. Or you gonna release with this “next version”.

    Thanks for the great template that have you done.

  13. 13 AJ

    I am currently using Mollio. Anaconda is great as it comes with so many plugins. The only thing Mollio currently has that Anaconda doesn’t is drop down menus from the horizontal navigation menu.
    A “nice to have” would be an option would be to change the background of the header area to a picture.
    Also the backgrounds for feature boxes on the right are different to those on the left. This looks a little untidy.


  14. 14 Ken

    I really like your 3-col Anaconda theme. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now. One thing I’ve noticed is that the right sidebar could use a little adjustment. Specifically, there’s a lot of space being taken up by the indent. This makes for problems when inserting other widget because they’re pushed over too far to the right. If there’s a way to do that now, I’d appreciate your guidance in that regard.

    One other thing: the Recent Posts widget is quickly becoming more of an archive showing posts I made months ago. It would be great if there was a way to limit it to a certain number of posts.

    Thanks for all your work on making such a great theme. I’m looking forward to the next release!

  15. 15 kees

    Hi, I am using plugins for keywords to appear in my Anaconda theme (Utlitmate tag warrior and SEO title tag). In pages: They show in the source code after loading, but somewhere in the middle. It seems to be better to have the keywords just after discription at the top. I am not able to figure this out (except for manually put in the keyword meta code, but this is not really what i want). The keywords are on the top for posts.
    Anyone knows how to solve this?

  16. 16 Chris Masse

    Anaconda is not fully fluid. If you resize your browser at the minimum, you will see that the horizontal scroll bar appears.

    So my suggestion is to make this theme fully fluid.

    Thanks for your work.

  17. 17 Raul

    I am waiting for your new version.

    Can you inform me about it ??



  18. 18 Mitch Inoz

    Here’s my 4 suggestions:
    1) have default and page-specific sidebars
    2) better description of Where and How to change fonts and colors (can this be done in 1 separate file maybe?)
    3) standardize the color references (preferably by name rather than Hex?)
    4) drop down menus on top menu

    Maybe I should send these suggestions to Wordpress?

    Great theme, but I have started tinkering with it and I find it very hard to get the colors of headings, links etc. right.

    keep up the good work
    mitch inoz

  19. 19 Paulo

    To querendo baixar.. kd o link?

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