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I am very happy to announce the long-awaited release of Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro version 4.0. This release contains several exciting new features:
Multi-Language Support
Translator Plugin Pro 4.0 supports blogs written in 14 different languages - English, German, Russian, Arabic, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
In Translator Plugin Pro 4.0 we [...]

Anaconda Theme for WordPress 2.x blogs is a free next generation 3 column CSS based WordPress theme provided by us. Anaconda Theme requires an attribution link at the bottom of each page. That is all we ask for our hard work in developing and testing this theme. However you may not want to have this [...]

Anaconda Theme Next Version

We are planning for the next version of Anaconda Theme. Let us know in comments and in the forum, features that you would like to see.

I am happy to announce the release of Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro version 3.2 for WordPress 2.x blogs. This is a feature packed release (details) based on customer feedback. There are few fixes in too primarily to adjust to Google Translation engines changing page structure.
We will start shipping it from today. It may take [...]

Anaconda Forum Opened

Anaconda Forum has finally been opened to all. Drop by and let us know your thoughts, suggestions, experience and difficulties, if any, in using Anaconda Theme. Also please help other users with your knowledge and insight.

XDForum is a popular forum software for WordPress blogs which can be easily used with our popular free 3 column Anaconda Theme. It works seamlessly out of the box if you are using default permalink structure. If you are using (or want to use) nice permalinks then here’s how to use XDForum with nice permalinks.

We have just released version 3.1 of popular Translator Plugin Pro for WordPress blogs with better performance and bug fixes. Anaconda Theme comes with built-in support for Translator Plugin Pro.
This new version will be shipped to all of our new and existing customer within 24 hours (lifetime free upgrade). Please honk if you haven’t received [...]

How To Add Tabs in Anaconda Theme

Create a new page by clicking on Write and then Write Page menu. It is automatically added as a new tab in Anaconda theme.

Did you know you can display upto 9 RSS feeds from your blogs sidebar?
Go to Presentattion -> Sidebar Widgets and select the number of RSS Feed Widgets. Then drag each of them to the appropriate sidebars. For each of them click configure to specify the RSS feed to display. Check the left sidebar of this blog to see listings from Simple Thoughts.