Anaconda Options Control PanelI am happy to announce the long awaited release of Anaconda theme for WordPress 2.x (and above) blogs. Your search for a good css based three column WordPress theme is finally over.

Anaconda uses flexible 3 column layout which is designed entirely with CSS. The center column and left sidebar are flexible and adjusts to browser size.

Anaconda comes with inbuilt support for 15 popular WordPress plugins out of the box. The theme is designed to work perfectly with these plugins. We have tested them for you so you don’t have to.

Anaconda provides 17 WordPress widgets for you to extensively customize your site without writing / modifying a single line of code. We have tested it with 20 widgets overall. We have widgetized all inbuilt functionalities of K2 theme.

Anaconda works without any configuration out of the box. It is also extensively customizable for those who need it. You can even include your own stylesheets, known as schmes. Two sample schemes are provided including vader.css.

Customizations can be easily done using the Anaconda Options control panel under Presentations menu.

Anaconda theme has built-in support for inline and sidebar asides. It optionally supports Ajax commenting, Live search, fixed width layout etc.


  1. Plugins
  2. Widgets
  3. Heritage
  4. License
  5. Download
  6. Installation
  7. Support

Anaconda supports 15 popular WordPress plugins out of the box:

Plugins Version tested
Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro All versions
Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.14
Related Posts 2.02
Nybble’s Sidebar Modules 1.0.1 (comes integrated)
Quoter 1.1
Edit Comments 0.3
Brian’s Latest Comments 1.5.8
Noteworthy 1.0
WordPress Widgets 1.0
FlickrRRS 3.0.3
Extended Live Archives 0.10beta R18
Time Since 1.1
Gravatars 1.1
Favatars 2.0
Subscribe to Comments 2.0.4

Sidebar WidgetsAnaconda is 100% widgetized aka widget enabled. We have even widgetized the inbuilt functionalities of K2. Anaconda has been tested with 18 popular WordPress widgets:

  1. About Widget (built-in)
  2. Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro (Plugin & Widget)
  3. Archive Widget (built-in)
  4. Aside Widget (built-in)
  5. Calendar Widget (built-in)
  6. Categories Widget (built-in)
  7. Delicious Widget (built-in)
  8. Flickr Widget (built-in)
  9. Links Widget (built-in)
  10. Meta Widget (built-in)
  11. Pages Widget (built-in)
  12. Recent Comments Widget (built-in)
  13. Recent Posts Widget (built-in)
  14. Related Posts Widget (built-in)
  15. RSS Widget (built-in) - You can create upto 9 RSS feed widgets in sidebar.
  16. Search Widget (built-in)
  17. Tag Cloud Widget (built-in; requires Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin)
  18. Text Widget (built-in) - You can create upto 9 text widgets to include your custom text in sidebar.
  19. Google Search Widget (comes with widget plugin)
  20. Widget

You can place them on one of your sidebars by simply dragging and dropping them from your sidebar widgets control panel.

To use widgets, please download and activate the widget plugin.

Anaconda is based upon very popular K2 WordPress Theme and equally popular Mollio Web template. K2 is known for its rich, but complex, functionalities. K2 is based on Kubrick which has been modified to create the default WordPress theme. Mollio is known for her (someone has to be a female so why not the good looking one?) stunning good looks.
We have taken both of them, ripped them apart and made them work together, which was a big task by itself. We took all of K2’s functionalities and widgetized them and added our own. We fixed lot’s of defects and pesky layout issues, enhanced the look and finally we present you with the Anaconda Theme.

Anaconda comes with GPL (GNU Public License). Both Mollio & K2 are released under GPL. The only thing we require is that you keep the attributions and linkbacks in the footer without any change.

Download Anaconda Theme

To add a new theme to your WordPress installation, follow these basic steps:

1. Download the theme archive and extract the files it contains. You should preserve the directory structure in the archive when extracting these files. It should create a directory named anaconda.
2. Using an FTP client to access your host web server, upload anaconda directory to wp-content/themes directory provided by WordPress. All your Anaconda theme files should be in wp-content/themes/anaconda after the upload.
3. Follow the instructions below for selecting the new theme.

To select Anaconda theme for your site:
1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.
2. Select the Presentation subpanel.
3. Click on Anaconda to activate it.
4. To view the new look, click View Site at the top of the Panel’s screen.

Your selection should immediately become active. Enjoy!

We will provide paid support only for Anaconda theme at this time. Our rate is 30$ / hour. Please contact support[at]taragana[dot]com with your support requirements and for an estimate. All payments are to be made by PayPal to sales[at]taragana[dot]com.

However if you can find good defects or provide good suggestions for enhancement then we would be happy to solve your problems pro-bono (for free) :)
Note: I decide what is good. It will be fair.

We will soon introduce a forum for Anaconda self-help.

101 Responses to “Anaconda, Ultimate 3 Column WordPress Theme, Released”  

  1. 1 angsuman

    Looking forward to your comments and feedback.

  2. 2 Joe

    Very nice theme but I wonder where to edit the content wide because I want to move the space between sidebar and content closer.

  3. 3 Lyrics

    Very professional theme with it’s plugins. I think i will use it on my lyric website thank you for this theme

  4. 4 Alex Boschmans

    I like your theme a lot. So much so, that I’ve decided to keep using it for the time being. I think it’s one of the best around.

    Now I need to find out how to customise it just a little bit, changing the colors, put back in my header image…

    Thank you for sharing this theme with us.

  5. 5 Reaper-X

    Extremely Wonderfull !!! I think after modifying it a little bit to integrate few plugins which is already installed on the current theme, im going to switch into this Anaconda theme.

    Btw it’d be great if there’s an update notification on admin dashbar about anaconda update ;)

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  6. 6 Joe
  7. 7 Bonnie

    Wow, this looks great, Angsuman!

    I’ve been thinking about going back to my original three-column format, but I wasn’t comfortable with what’s available. I’m definitely going to try this.

  8. 8 Nudecybot

    I like it! I’ll try customizing it tomorrow but for now I will let it sit in all of its default glory right here:


  9. 9 Amiante

    Many, many thanks for this wonderful theme!

  10. 10 Colin

    Thanks for a really great looking (and well behaved!) theme. It rocks. This is the one I was looking for.
    Gentlemen, your theme forum is *much needed* and eagerly awaited. Please consider bringing this resource online sooner rather than later!!

  11. 11 angsuman

    Thanks for the suggestion. We will add the forum next week.

    – Angsuman

  12. 12 Scotty Zee

    Love the theme mate thank you. Looks good and seems easy to use. One question though: from the list of supported plug-ins above, how do I download them? There seem to be no links?

    Keep up the good work.


  13. 13 S G

    thank you, it is very nice. i will be playing with it here

    an interesting option would be to let the people choose to put the sidebar widgets in the left or in the right column.

  14. 14 bloggy

    Love your theme and all that you did with it. Thanks for an awesome layout and construction.

    Need help with tag warrior. The tag cloud that is created is placed in the left collum. How do i get it in the Footer? Please help, as I had plans for that area in the Left collum.


  15. 15 Oliver

    Gracias por el tema

  16. 16 free blog

    Clean, simple, and easy. thanks for theme

  17. 17 Caroline Letkeman

    Thanks very much for making the Anaconda theme available.

    Thought you’d want to know that the Google ads on push the left column
    into the middle column at 800×600.

  18. 18 Erno Hannink

    Hello angsuman,

    The theme is very nice. I love how stable it is in the different browsers.
    There is an issue I like to put forward.
    The Performancing Metrics script (see below) needs to be just before the closing body tag.
    In this theme the footer template is not a good option since the sidebar is called after the footer template then comes the closing body tag.
    At what file(s) needs it to be for the easiest usage?


    display_name . “\”;\n”;
    echo “z_user_email=\”" . $userdata->user_email . “\”;\n”;

  19. 19 Erno Hannink

    I found it. I have added the code to the main index file and there is a PMetrics plugin. This combination causes the Stack overflow. So, I have deleted the code in the index and now I am just using the plugin. And works fine.
    Thanks for the help ;-)

  20. 20 angsuman

    I am using Google ads on my left sidebar without any problems.

  21. 21 Nicholas

    Love the theme very much…

    Further updating, since this is still beta, would be accomodation of sub-pages on the top menu…

    Currently, when you add a sub-page on your wordpress site, your sub-page will not be visible even if you click on the main parent page… thus, you still have to add a sidebar for your pages….

    If you want to have sub-pages (which is the key to keeping an organized look) then this theme is very much lacking…

    But all that aside, this is still one of the best, clean looking, professional, and pleasing to the eye themes around..

  22. 22 Patrick S

    Hey i like this theme…thanks alot…i cannot wait to try it!!

  23. 23 Alanna

    There seems to be no forum yet?

    I’m trying to do something that seems like it should be relatively easy: changing the color scheme of the header, sidebars, etc, not the text. If someone can point to the right file, the right section of code, I’m likely good from there. Many thanks ~

  24. 24 LuAnn

    Great theme! And the very first I was able to get a specific plugin to work with, I can finally use my now reading plug in, the css was so easy to find to fix the page I needed. I hope to learn to customize it a bit but I’m loving it.

  25. 25 angsuman

    Sorry for the delay in creating the forum. I have now added a forum where you can discuss about this theme.

  26. 26 Mats Dagerlind

    I found this theme very useful and the built in support for certain plugins is nice.

    There is one bug though (at least in IE6, at least on my computer); the reply box suddenly
    expands way beyond the screen sideways and you cant even scroll there (no scrollbar appears
    when this happens).

  27. 27 Marcos

    I can’t seem to change the sidebar widgets when this theme is activated. I’ve been able to drag widgets in Firefox, Camino, and safari using other widget-enabled themes, but when I select Anaconda, the widget-dragging stops working.

  28. 28 Dave

    I like the theme. Mollio is a great design, and you did a great job copying it.

    There are a few things I’d like to see in it, like the default statement that appears at the bottom of each post (when you are reading the actual post page), saying, “This post was made on {date} at {time}, yada yada yada…”

    Other than that, it seems fairly stable. I have it up on my site.

  29. 29 Kate

    Looks a great theme,

    I hope to install it sometime today.


  30. 30 Susan

    I have been using Anaconda since it was released.

    Having previously tried many themes (none were exactly what I wanted) I could hardly believe my good fortune. ;)

    Thank you!

  31. 31 guilherme

    eu quero ver a anaconda 3!!!
    as pessoas vao gostavam a anaconda 3!
    eu ja vi a anaconda 2.a anaconda 2 é muito bom!
    eu quero ver anaconda 3!


  32. 32 Rob


    Am I allowed to and if yes, how can I, translate this theme to Dutch?

    Thank you in advance.


  33. 33 Suresh

    Really a great looking theme. Will use it in its default form for a few days before I start playing around with it.

  34. 34 Atif Khan

    I was looking for a neat 3 column layout to replace the Almost spring template. I replaced that with Anaconda today and made some changes to the styles. It looks good so far. I may change the colors a little bit later. But so far, so good. Thanks for the excellent template.

  35. 35 Greg Laden

    I’m using the them in more of a CMS mode at the moment. I love it’s overall layout and cleanness. I also love the interchangeable css. Or, at least I hope I’ll love it… have not tried it yet. This will give me an opportunity to tweak it to what fits my site best:

    Great job!


  36. 36 Chad

    Great layout. I want to use it very much. But when I aelect this theme the page returns an error. It is a fresh install of Wordpress.
    Error is:Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_user_logged_in() in /home/wp-content/themes/anaconda/header.php on line 43

  37. 37 Kevin

    How can I add a register like you have placed on your template here.

  38. 38 Joseph

    This theme is great and I want to use it for my blog. I need to just add my own header image. I found it on line 748 but don’t know quite how to change it. Can you give a quick pointer? thanks for the great theme.

  39. 39 Joseph

    Oh, I forgot to ask: What size does the header image need to be if it is to cover the whole length in the flexible setting? By the way, the wide screen seems to work fine in IE7

  40. 40 Mark S. Meritt

    A great theme — it’s what I’d always wanted! Having some trouble with widgets, though. The following widgets, which are described her as being built-in for the theme, do not appear at all:

    Delicious Widget (built-in)
    Flickr Widget (built-in)
    Related Posts Widget (built-in)
    Google Search Widget (comes with widget plugin) Widget

    I also am having trouble seeing two other widgets that I installed separately.

    Also, I note that there is native support for the Related Posts plugin, but I there are only errors when I try to follow the link.

    Any thoughts on these issues?

  41. 41 Mark S. Meritt

    A new and more important question compared to the stuff I asked about last week, all of which I’ve basically resolved. Anaconda claims to be Search Engine Optimized. However, I see that Anaconda breaks two rules which seem to be nearly universally touted as central to SEO:

    1) Main content should appear as close to the beginning of the page code as possible. It’s possible that the use of negative margins or other functionality might allow the main post/page content to be placed higher up than it is now, coming after all the head/header/left sidebar code.

    2) A single H1 tag is supposed to be used for the page’s title, with a small number of H2 tags for main subdivision content, etc., and these tags are supposed to be avoided in the sidebars, etc., since search engines give extra weight to these tags and look to them for the content of the page.
    However, with Anaconda, posts and pages contain no H1 at all, H2 is used for page titles and H3 for post titles, while H2 is universally used for “Search” and all sidebar item titles. This seems to decrease the chances that post/page titles or key content subdivision titles (which would be relegated to H3 or even H4) will be seen effectively by search engines.

    None of this seems anything I’d want to touch with a 10-foot pole in terms of trying to hack the theme. So in the meantime, I’ll just ask, any thoughts on this?

  42. 42 Kelvin

    I’ve problem when using IE to open your theme. I guess your ie.css might have bug or problem. The msg as:

    Internet Explorer can’t open inthernet
    Operation Abort.

    Is it IE problem or something else?

    I use firefox no problem.

    Please help. Thanks.

  43. 43 angsuman

    What ‘register’ are you talking about. Can you please elaborate?

  44. 44 Al


    I have the same problem as this commenter:

    I am unable to drag Anaconda widgets to the sidebars. The drag icon is there [four arrows], but when I click to drag, all the mouse does is select text.

    Happens in Firefox and IE using WP 2.0.7


  45. 45 Mik

    I’ve downloaded Anaconda few days back, love it. Great job!

    I came across another Mollio ported to wordpress theme @

  46. 46 infonote


    Thanks for the theme.

    When I try to add code in the page template, nothing happens.

    E.g. if I write test in the loop, the word test is not displayed. in the posts.

    I edited other templates before and I always managed. However, with this theme I am doing something wrong.

  47. 47 Appman

    Thanks for the great theme! I’ve been using it on both of my blogs and it’s been working well. I like the fact it supports widgets. Cheers and have a nice day!

  48. 48 fele

    Hi! Very great theme! :D Just a question: there is a way to change the background color to red (as for “Blog” when we are in home page) for the pages links in the nav bar, when we are in the respective page, i.e. when the single page is active?
    I tried to change something in header.php but I’ve failed :( Can you help me? :)

  49. 49 Juanma

    I need to add some extra info like words count, views, etc but i dont know where, i need only the .php file where the post it’s show!

  50. 50 fettisch

    Thanks a lot for this Theme! I love the flexibility, i am going to use it, right now i am developing a new css stylesheet for it. When i have finished it i will send it to you, so maybe more people can use that too.

  51. 51 Irondude

    I am looking to use a new theme and I really like the buttons on this theme.
    Would it be possible to have a banner pic behind the buttons and search.
    You can see what mine looks like here:

    Let me know.

    Thank You

  52. 52 Carol Shepherd

    Hi–I love your theme, it looks great on my blog.

    I’m wondering, when will I be able to have a tab at the top with drop downs for a bunch of static pages? I have several articles I’ve written that I would like to have accessible under a single tab, “Articles” (rather than a single tab for each, across the top, which is the default I’m seeing now). Or if this is a customization request, can we talk out a licensing arrangement? You can reach me by my email–thanks!

    Carol Shepherd

  53. 53 Laurent


    before on my old theme in sidebar i had an aleatoire thumbnail from my galery with the form

    but with this theme it’s not good, the pic appear but it is on the row …
    have you an idea for the form to include it ?

    i’m not sure you will understand what i say :/

    i lets it on top of my riht side bar for you to see =>

    thank you for support !

  54. 54 Danilo Torres

    your theme is amazing!! I love it! I set up your theme for deaf community in the country.
    I see any post with pictures or images in the center column. No plm. BUT when I click any item of the category, it opened only text and no pictures or images. How could the images or picture show up or appear in the category in the center column? Thanks!
    Danilo Torres

  55. 55 robin

    First I would like to thank you for making such a beutiful theme.
    I want to make some modification in my theme at .I want to put ads banner in between the header
    and first post with left and right side remain as it is.


  56. 56 Greg Laden

    My comments on ideas for the next upgrade on the theme:

    First, I have posted on my own site a set of questions (and I’m using Anaconda theme) on web layout, so you may end up seeing some useful remarks there:

    Here are a few comments:

    I’d like the option of turing on/off/ the graphic in the left side comment boxes. It does not look right with google ads, etc.

    The formatting on the left side column text could be better … I’d like to see better, cleaner separation between list items. A list (such as recent comments) on the right looks great, is hard to read when it is on the left side.,

    I would like to see the difference btween non-clicked on and clicked-on links be less different than it is now. Maybe, for instance red turns to a slightly different red, or black to grey, rather than red to grey.

    (I know I can do a lot of this on my own … and probably will .. but you asked!!!)

  57. 57 Greg Laden

    Also, I just got this comment, that you may be interested in: (more of a bug than a design issue):

    “I have come recently to your site. It has some really interesting information and links. At present is readable and funciontal. There is one problem. On my computer when I reply there is no right side to the box. This means when I come to the end of a line I cannot see what I am typing - it just continues on forever out of site.”

  58. 58 Susan

    Currently one cannot register or post in the forum?

    I have not been able to fiqure out the Asides widget.

    Enable Asides, Presentation > Anaconda Options, and move the Asides widget into the side bar.

    I don’t want the asides rss to ‘categories’.

    Rather I wish to write text in the sidebar the same way you do here:


  59. 59 chatca

    this is a good template with optimized adsense place to get more click

  60. 60 Mic

    Thanks for your professional and awesome theme, looks really great ;-)

  61. 61 fenerbahçe resimleri

    Thanks but i cant see index page picture.Can u put the index capture?

  62. 62 tuzcuoglu nakliyat

    i downloaded this theme.This is great.Thanks and congratulations

  63. 63 igizmore

    cool themes :D

  64. 64

    this theme could really work…thanks a lot…i cannot wait to try it!

  65. 65 Colin

    Registration on the forums doesn’t seem to be generating a response with password. Has this been fixed yet?? I wanted to post a question/reply or two, and attempted to register. Never got a reply. I know you got a lot of forum spam and had to disable some stuff, but it would be good to be able to join in on the forums!!

  66. 66 Phorum

    Why isn’t forum registration working?? Like the last guy, I registered and got the “password will be mailed to you” or whatever it was, yet it never worked.
    When is this going to be fixed? Will it ever be fixed? This has been broken for quite a long time.

  67. 67 Dao

    I keep “drifting” back to Anaconda as a contender for my choice for a 3col theme… though I was wondering, can it be done so that the left column is as the right column… without those big chunky grey box thingos?
    Also will this be Wp 2.2 compatible?

  68. 68 galatasaray resimleri

    This theme is great.

  69. 69 Judy Lubana

    Love your theme! Uploaded it to my Word Press blog; however, when I click on my Word Press Presentation Tab and then click on the Widget Tab sub menu I get a fatal error message. The fatal error message is as follows:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare register_sidebars() (previously declared in /home/howtomak/public_html/productreviewspot/wp-includes/widgets.php:15) in /home/howtomak/public_html/productreviewspot/wp-content/plugins/widgets.php on line 22

    I would like someone to help me fix this problem so I can upload my clickbank affiliate feeds and commission junction feeds to both of the sidebars on your theme’s Wordpress template.

    I would be happy to pay someone to help me with debugging this problem.
    Do you or one of your associates handle this kind of problem. Your prompt attention to answering my inquiry would be deeply appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks Judy

  70. 70 Andrew

    I love this theme. Thanks so much for making it.

  71. 71 Thomas

    Will it be WP 2.3 compatible soon?

  72. 72 Will


    I just installed anaconda on one of my blogs (, and I really like it. However, I notice that the right sidebar extends itself into the header area partially blocking some of the page menu bar and the search blog area. Any idea what is causing this and how I can fix it? Thanks

  73. 73 Will

    BTW, this only happens on the front page “Blog” of my blog. When clicking on one of the other pages, say “Contact Me” or “Archives,” the left sidebar goes back down to where it should be.

  74. 74 saphruser

    Hi, its a very nice theme to look at..was wondering if it is
    google adsense plugin friendly?(adsense deluxe plugin) of wordpress from acme tech.

  75. 75 Motril

    Thank you very much, great job!
    best regard,

  76. 76 Global Real Estate

    This is a very nice theme and I want to install this to my website, but my host does not allow me to install other software to the their server. Maybe I need to buy another domain from another host to be able to install this one.

  77. 77 mailce

    thank you template whanderfol

  78. 78 forextradingsystems

    Great wordpress theme. Using on most of my blogs.


  79. 79 Laz


    i am trying to use the anaconda theme (which i love) on a site i am creating for a friend. is it true that this theme (at least when using the flexible width layout option) is incompatible with internet explorer? although i use firefox (so it looks perfect to me), it seems that not working with ie would negate anaconda as a viable option for most websites. am i missing something?

    the problems i am seeing so far in ie:

    1. i have moved the main menu items (tabs) below the header area. in ie, when the page is loaded, the menu tabs appear at the top of the header area; after moving the mouse over them, they “jump” automatically to their correct location below the header. in firefox, this is not the case.

    2. on pages where there are several posts displayed, in ie the font size for each successive post gets inexplicably larger. in firefox, this is not the case.

    any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated. fyi, i am brand new to wordpress, but i am a very experienced web developer. but i have never had to deal with all the wierd css stuff i always hear about in ie.

    thanks in advance,


  80. 80 Notebooki

    I don’t uderstood this, but is new versiona Wordpress, and This article is out of time

  81. 81 Briongloid

    A nice, no-nonsense 3-column theme. Well done.

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