New Forum for Anaconda Theme

Please visit our new forum for Anaconda Theme.

Previously we used xdforum which proved too cumbersome to maintain. Finally we moved over to phpBB. All relevant posts from the old forum has been migrated to the new forum.

We are also working on a new version of the theme.

3 Responses to “New Forum for Anaconda Theme”  

  1. 1 carush

    I’ve redesigned my Anaconda based site pretty heavily as I rehosted it at…I’ll have a bunch of comments shortly on the forum about what I would be looking for in the new version. Thanks angusman for this theme — my clients and professional peers have always been very impressed with it.

    Carol Shepherd, Arborlaw PLC

  2. 2 angsuman

    Thanks for your compliments. We are working hard towards releasing the new version.

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