I am very happy to announce the long-awaited release of Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro version 4.0. This release contains several exciting new features:

Multi-Language Support

Translator Plugin Pro 4.0 supports blogs written in 14 different languages - English, German, Russian, Arabic, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

In Translator Plugin Pro 4.0 we localize strings to better support blogs in non-English languages. The language packs for non-English languages are not available in this release. However users are free to create them using mo file format used also by WordPress.

Translation in 13 Languages

Translator Plugin Pro 4.o provides translation from each of these 14 languages to the 13 other languages. In short this means that with Translator Plugin Pro your blog instantly gets 13 times more pages serving a much much wider audience. Now your blog will be accessible to approximately 2.5 billion (1 billion = 1000 million = 1,000,000,000) people around the world. As a comparison an English only blog can be read by merely 309 million people. Source: Ethnologue, An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s 6,912 known living languages.
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Anaconda Theme for WordPress 2.x blogs is a free next generation 3 column CSS based WordPress theme provided by us. Anaconda Theme requires an attribution link at the bottom of each page. That is all we ask for our hard work in developing and testing this theme. However you may not want to have this attribution link / link back in every page of your blog for some reason. Here is what you can do to remove the linkback / attribution legitimately and feeling good about it.

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I am happy to announce the release of Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro version 3.2 for WordPress 2.x blogs. This is a feature packed release (details) based on customer feedback. There are few fixes in too primarily to adjust to Google Translation engines changing page structure.

We will start shipping it from today. It may take a day or two for all copies to be shipped. The documentation will be updated very soon.

The key features in this release are:

  1. Support for fopen has been added (in addition to curl). Now the plugin can be used on sites without curl enabled. Whenever the program detects that curl is not available it tries to use fopen.
  2. Better support for safe_mode and open_basedir. Some restrictive web hosting providers enable safe_mode and / or set open_basedir. It used to restrict the options users can use in their plugin. We have overcome this difficulty by implementing the functionalities which were being restricted by safe_mode and open_basedir settings without compromising security or functionality.
  3. Data caching in true database tables. Previously the data was being cached in WordPress settings which can consume lots of memory for sites with very high loads and/or having lots of pages.
    This change makes the translation perfectly scalable on heavy load sites without compromising performance.
    It will also enables us to track any caching issues quickly, not that we expect any. It will enable using caching on systems with lower memory allocation and lower database field limits. No more will you have to increase max_packet_size or memory_limit parameters.
  4. Google Translation has changed their data translation mode this week. In this version we have fully accounted for their changes.
  5. Ability to delete cache manually. You now have the ability to delete all the caching (disk and database) we do with a single convenient button in translator manage options.
  6. Translator will restrict itself to translating pages from your blog only. In version 3.1 the translation criteria was relaxed to include pages from the same domain which occassionally lead it to modify url’s which it cannot translate. This has been fixed in 3.2.
  7. Domain validation will be case insensitive. This gives latitude to bloggers to call their blogs www.MyBlog.com or www.myblog.com interchangeably.
  8. You can now restrict displaying flags to languages of your choice. Quite a few customers asked us to be able to restrict translation to a subset of the languages we provide. Now you can do it by unchecking the languages you don’t want to display in your translation bar.
  9. Better support of XHTML 1.0 standard in translated pages.
  10. Modifying Translator options is now restricted to users having ‘edit_plugins’ privileges. Normally admin users have privilege to edit plugins. This is one feature which haven’t been a user request. However it is important as it prevents un-privileged users in multi-user blog from accessing and changing the Translator options.

Note: Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro (features, testimonials, get software) is a professionally designed plugin which provides automatic machine translation of your blog in eight different languages - German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. It is search engine optimized, supports WordPress widgets, uses nice permalinks, super-fast (cacheable) and lots more. In short you instantly multiple your page count by 8 while making your blog accessible to a much larger population of non-English speaking world.
Original copy

We have just released version 3.1 of popular Translator Plugin Pro for WordPress blogs with better performance and bug fixes. Anaconda Theme comes with built-in support for Translator Plugin Pro.

This new version will be shipped to all of our new and existing customer within 24 hours (lifetime free upgrade). Please honk if you haven’t received your copy in 24 hours :)

The key features and defect fixes in this release are:

1. Translator Plugin Pro can now also be used on localhost to allow you to test it before deployment.

2. Translator Pro is now strict XHTML 1.0 compliant.

3. We have improved the performance by reducing pre-processing time. Additionally the code size is smaller too.

4. We fixed a defect in rewrite rule which prevented posts slugs ending with es or de from being translated.

5. Now you can specifically include file extensions to translate. Previously any file extensions were erroneously assumed suitable for translation, which creates problem with file types like zip or mp3. By default only (virtual) files without extensions, directories and files with .htm and .html are translated.

6. The class names of first and second row of translator in long format has been changed to tgTranslatorFirstRow and tgTranslatorSecondRow respectively.

7. The original user agent passed by the browser is now used to fetch the pages (helps themes which uses the user agent to serve different stylesheets like Wuhan) as well as passed to translation engines. Previously Internet Explorer user agent was used in all cases.

8. We changed all generated html code to use single quotes. This is a nicety. I like clean code.

9. We have stopped trying to translate feeds. Feeds have a xml structure and translator engines cannot properly translate them. In version 4.0 we have plans to try to individually translate feed items and construct the feed for translated versions.

BTW: Did you know Google loves our translated pages? What are you waiting for? Get Angsuman’s Translator Pro now and move miles ahead of your competition.